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I found all of the scrap iron

May 27, 2010
Go to Marlybone and then go to nights court.
You need to go to David Beamon near the teleporters.
There is some items around the tower.
What I did was go to each teleporter one after anohter and found one usually every time. When there is a water tower thingy, you should also look behind them to find scrap iron. If you run around the tower near David, and then hit a teleporter, when you pick up your loot, and you will, teleport back and take the next teleporter, then pick up loot, teleport back.
Once you have made the loop, change relms and do it again. I got 60 scrap iron in about an hour. Another post says go between Emily post and some other gal, you can go from one teleporter, I think it was yellow to her and sometimes there was an item there also.
Thie really works No Joke. I swear on my Grandmaster status.
Dylan Stormbringer