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I am having problems crafting the Carousel

Apr 08, 2009
Is anyone else having problems crafting the carousel? i have tried to craft the carousel at all of the four crafting stations and it wont let me craft it all. Is there a reason for this? is there a new crafting station just for grandmaster artisans? please help, i am confused, and tired of the run around just to get to this point. and not be able to finish my carousel which is something i was looking forward to making.

Brianna Shadowflame

P.S. thank you for any help you can give

Aug 18, 2009
try the crafting station in DS Dragons roost.

when you stand in the middle of the court yard looking at the door to malistair's dungeon, turn to the right.

it's kind of hard to see, so look closely.

no you cant take it home, someone bolted it to the floor.