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How to harvest.....?

Mar 19, 2009
OK I am ready to harvest my plants....... I don't know how though, I asked someone they said "Walk up to it, then it should say Harvest then press X."
I tried that but it never said "Harvest" so please tell me what is wrong or if HE'S wrong..........

Also tell me if you are accessable to harvest at Adult.........

They are at Adult............

I mean Mature

Oct 24, 2009
my plants say that harvest time left is 30 hours. but i cant harvest them. i dont know how. x wont work.

Apr 20, 2009
walk up to your plants and if it lets you click X when you are ready to harvest.
it will only let you click X if the plant is ready to be harvested

May 27, 2010
you have to wait a while after your plant becomes mature to harvest it, also some easy ways to know they are rdy to harvest are some of the following
Dandelion: will start moving side to side instead of up and down
Honey Sickle: Starts going insane throwing its blades up in the air
Boom shroom: i never really payed attention a that much but i think it opens its mouth a lot
Desparagus: will lean towards you instead of away from you

May 30, 2009
If you arrow over the mature plants while the Gardening menu is open, it gives a "Time To Harvest" countdown. Well, I have a Boom Shroom that has a countdown of 0 minutes, but I'm still not able to harvest. I closed out of the Gardening menu, walked up to the plant (the "press x to harvest" thing didn't show but I pressed x anyways), and nothing happened. The plant doesn't have any current needs or anything so I'm not sure if I have to just wait longer? Or is something bugged?

Apr 24, 2009
You must wait till they are ready, and that is when they need harvesting, but still, you will be able to tell, because most plants are harvested when they change color. (a bright yellow fog will appear around the plant)