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how to craft treasure cards?

Aug 10, 2010
ok i bought a ricipe for a treasure card but how do i craft it? do i need a new crafting table or something?

May 27, 2009
It depends - lower level cards (the first two or three in the list) can be crafted on the Basic Crafting Station. Higher level cards need the Card Crafting Station. If you are at the wrong station, you will see the message "You can't craft that here."

May 25, 2009
To craft treasure cards, you must have a crafting table which I think you already have. Once you buy a treasure cards, you need the correct reagents. Go to your crafting table and on the top right , there should be a pic of a treasure card. Click on it, and it will display the cards you have bought. If you still have trouble, submit a bug ticket.

Aug 11, 2010
I have a few treasure and pet snack cards, but I can't craft them. Why are they shadowed and not highlighted on the basic crafting table.

Please Help! life lvl29

Mar 09, 2009
You need a 'card crafting table', which I believe is available from the furniture vendor in Mooshu.

Rogan Firehammer

Aug 19, 2010
If you got all the reagents necessary to craft an treasure card recipe that you brought, if the button that you click on is grayed out that means you will have to get another crafting station, which you purchase at the place the boat takes you in The Oasis. Talk to the shopkeeper that sells house furniture.

May 27, 2009
As per my post above, not all treasure cards can be crafted on the Basic Crafting Station. All pet snacks, however, ARE crafted there. If the option to craft is greyed out, either you don't have the correct reagents, or your cool-down timer is still running down. If you place your cursor on the "Craft" box, you should see a message telling you why you cannot craft that item at this time. If you have the correct reagents and your cooldown timers are at 0:00, you may need to send a message to Support.