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How do you get rid of polymorph ninja pig tc?

Aug 10, 2009
I garden with evil magma peas and they drop polymorph ninja pig treasure cards each full harvest. I have tons of them. I don't use them. I can't sell them at the bazaar. I can't trade them.

How do you get rid of them? My treasure card count has been at 500 and I lose getting new ones if I don't get rid of others. Why can't I get rid of these that I have no use for?

Aug 23, 2009
The only way is to destroy the card, bring up your deck and treasure card section, next find the card you wish to be rid of and right click on it, a confirmation window will pop up verifying that you wish to destroy the offending card, confirm and the card will be gone.

May 10, 2010
I know the feeling.

Okay, open up your spell book and click on treasure cards. Then go to the Polymorph Ninja pig treasure card and right click your mouse. It will ask you if you want to discard it, click yes. Keep doing it until all of them are deleted.

That, or start using them, those are currently the only ways to get rid of them.

Jul 17, 2009
I wish we could sell them to the librarian to at least get some amount of gold from them. I never use the polymorphs and I really dislike trashing something especially when I've gained it from gardening, battles or purchased packs. Or feed them to the pets. I do believe there should be a level limit on them to prevent them from being used in pvp...although I don't do the pvp thing and don't really have any wish to.

Aug 23, 2009
linny913 makes a good point, we can sell nearly everything including crown gear, but can't sell TC that we may not want, use, or can't trade. I vote for selling of TC as stated at TC vendor if they can't be auctioned or traded.