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Helping with crafting

Nov 15, 2011

I want to know if it is even worth crafting gear for self use?

I am a level 42 death wizard and I have bought all the good gears from the crown shop but at time I believe there must be some other gears that are better than the one I have at my present level.

So at this point does anyone knows any recipe vendor is selling any recipe that can make better gears than the crown gears?

Please help!


Aug 26, 2010
Some of the best Atheme's and Rings are the ones crafted in Wintertusk, I still have use my level 56 crafted atheme on my level 70 Fire because I have not found anything better either crafted, bought or dropped in any of the other worlds. There's some pretty good wands in Celestia (if you haven't bought the crown ones) that you can craft.

AS far as hats, robes, and shoes I bought dragon hoard packs to get gear between 40 and 45 and then new crown gear at 45. But sometimes the dragon hoard gear is even better than the next set of crown gear so I keep it until 50 then buy more dragon hoard packs to get that gear. I didn't craft any.

Jan 24, 2010
The Celestia level 55 and WT level 56 robe, hat, and boots recipes are very good. There are also some nice wand, athame, deck, and ring recipes in CL and WT. Zafaria, however, has been disappointing to many crafters thus far.

Happy Harvesting,

Iridian Shadowweaver, Transcended Theurgist