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Help with crafting.

Jan 08, 2009
Okay, these are my spots for crafting reagents and help for every world.
Wizard city:
-Cattails are in water. Go to the Unicorn Way park, and look around it then change realms.
-Mist wood are always near trees. It shouldn't be to hard, you could always buy them off the bazaar if you have difficulties.
-Both Parchement and Stone blocks can easily be found at the end of the Djeserit family tomb, just change realms and look around the room.
-Scrap iron can easily be found in a certain way. In chelsea court, there are 3 teleporters. Only the green and blue one will help though. Look around one, look around the other, and then switch servers.
-Black lotus and black pearls* can be found in the Tree of life. Just at the start, there is already 8 possible spawns. (There is always 3 lotus in the instance) 4 of them are in the dead ends around the building, and the 4 others are in the exterior ring. (One in each room) Just look in the 8 spots, log off, log back in then repeat!
-Blood moss* is one of the hardest reagents, with black pearls. It is found with Red mandrake. One of the way I found is to go in Firecat alley, then go by the 2 castles on top of the maps. (Both have a boss) Run around one of them, go around the other one, (Looking for Red mandrake) then change realms and repeat.

*You should transmute these

I hope I helped you, thanks for reading ;)