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HELP! -Crafting Problem

Mar 22, 2010
I JUST finished making all the crafting requirments 4 Marleybone and it won't let me talk to Felicia (Crafter) I spent at least 2 months on this quest and now it won't let me talk to her :( Please Help!

-Taryn Thundershard lvl. 36 STORM SCHOOL

Jun 07, 2010
did you get both items she wants? I think, first you need 2 rings, then 2 daggers. Obviously a total of 4 items. Then once you get those items for her she will send you to Jade. something or other, which is in Mooshu, and Mooshu isn't unlocked yet till you do all quests in Marleybone, anyways.

May 27, 2009
How long have you had the quest? People who picked up the quest when crafting first started had to make 5 of each item for her. Then they lowered the requirement to 2 of each item. Some of those people who already had the quest when it was 5 are running into difficulty turning in the 2 of each and have to make another one for the quest to "count" with Felicia. If you have the reagents and are able to craft another item for her, it may work.

Your other option is to contact Kingsisle Support with the information, like wizard name and when you got the quest. If your wizard has the two rings and two athames in their backpack, they may be able to fix the quest.

Jun 07, 2010
I had the quest for a little bit. In my quest I had to make 2 daggers, and 2 rings then it was done.