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Mar 15, 2012
I am trying to complete the quest Razor's Edge given by Eudora Tangletree. I have crafted both Daggers of Absolution as required, but when I talk to her to complete the quest, all she says is:

Have you placed your Basic Crafting Table in your Dorm Room or castle and made the Daggers of Absolution? Return here when you've got those for me. You must bring the two daggers to me, as requested.

What's stranger is in my quests list, it says "Talk to Eudora Tangletree". What is going on?

Completing the crafting is only half of what she asked you to do, young Wizard.
You must bring the items to her.

If you do not have the items in your backpack, you can't show her that you completed your assignment. Make sure you have the required items in your backpack (not bank, not equipped) when you talk to her again.

If you have sold, trashed, or fed these items to your pet, you can make new ones to show Eudora you completed the task.