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Heart in a jar. (edited)

Sep 29, 2010
Okay, I forgot to say this was a crafted house item in my last post of this idea, so I came back to repost it the way it should be. The "Heart in a jar" will be in the same kind of red jar as the brain is. It will be a legendary crafter only crafting item. It will contain a human heart, not the valentine shaped heart, thats not realistic. It could maybe even still be beating. I know that may sound a little graphic, but I have seen the beating heart of the skeletal dragon mount so I don't think this Heart in a jar would steer away from the E10+ rating of Wizard101.

Wolf Nightbreeze, Transcended Theurgist

Jul 27, 2009
well i have see a brain. an eye a tooth to name a few....

why not have a heart in a jar

then we can pickle toes and nose and add a few lady fingers to boot! ...

actually it would fall in line with that collection of jars

Jul 04, 2010