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Having trouble with fossils/stone blocks?

Jun 07, 2012
I can help (maybe :P )
So everyone is saying to go to stone town and waterfront, right?
Well I found a MUCH, MUCH better place.
Abbey Road @ Avalon!
There are atleast 3 stone blocks in every realm (Unless someone took some of them), and since hardly anybody comes there to farm, its the perfect place!
I had trouble with fossils for my conga drums and stone town/waterfront didn't help me at all because everyone is farming there.
But abbey road was wonderful, in just a couple of minutes I got 8 fossils from rare harvest and 30-40 stone blocks :D
You better do it quick or else more people will start farming that place and you will loose those awesome stone blocks

Almost forgot, there are 6 stone block spawns in just abbey road.

Happy ( ) farming!

Feb 24, 2009
Most people in Stone town just grab the sandstone; so Stone Town is still the best IMHO. You are entitled to your opinion thou.

May 19, 2012
I say if everyone is farming in a certain area but not so many people farming in another area, the area where not many people farm is probably better, even if it means you need to do transmutes. You probably get a better rate of return farming where less people are at. :)