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Has anyone lost the items they crafted?

Dec 08, 2008
I created four rings of insight for one of the first crafting quests and three of them have vanished on me. They're not in my backpack or my bank - I have no idea where they went but they disappeared right after I finished crafting them.

I'm really frustrated because I can't finish the quest and learn more crafting. Someone please help!

Dec 08, 2008
Anyone? Is there something I don't understand about the crafting table? When I finish crafting something, should it appear immediately in my backpack or do I have to do something else?

Jan 07, 2009
wait till you get to ds, collect diamonds make the ring, and where did it go? who knows, it's gone.

What I started doing is as soon as I make it walk over to the bank and put it in, close bank and reopen to make sure it's still there. This also insures you don't sell it by accident. When you have all you need THEN take them out of the bank and turn in the quest. Whoever thought that locking or making it hard to sell those items was be a pain? well selling by accident is a bigger pain! Need to find a way to lock them till the quest for that item is done.