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Hard to find treasure cards

Feb 14, 2010
I am not happy with the staff at Wizard 101 that make crafting so hard to do. This is one thing that I enjoy doing and I am trying to make the flamesoul cloak, because I am life, and I have been at the bizarre for 2 days now trying to buy the treasure cards and have only mangaed to get 4 of them. The price is absolutely ridiculous as well. I also purchased the recipe for the fish tank and it is impossible to buy the Helephant treasure card. I need someone from Wizards 101 to explain to me WHY you have made this so hard. This game is growing rapidly and you need to make these items more available so that people don't get frustrated and cancel their membership altogther. Remember, this game has a lot of young children on it and you are making crafting next to impossible for them. Fix this problem and I need a resonable explanation instead of telling me to be patient.

May 27, 2009
Actually, you have a couple of options here - you can ask friends who have fire wizards to craft the cards for you, you can create your own wizard to craft Helephant cards, you can look on the fan sites for trading forums. Crafting doesn't need to be as hard as you've been making it, but it does need to be challenging. Master Artisans are obviously people who want that sense of accomplishment that comes with completing these difficult tasks.

May 30, 2009
Crafting is something that takes time. If you are trying to get the aquarium, I would suggest you find you a good fire gm and work out a deal to make those helephant cards. Same thing with the carousel, you need earthquake cards to craft it. Not all these things are easy to obtain but they sure are awesome when you go to show them off because not everyone has the patience to do this.

I have a very good friend who is crafting the carousel but doesn't have a myth character. She and I worked out a deal with cards for me using my myth character to crafter her the needed amount of earthquakes.

Even though crafting is a part of the game, it isn't required to complete the storyline. I see it as something to do when you have done everything and don't want to go back through all of it again with another character.

Also, demanding that something be changed or you need a specific answer on something isn't going to fix anything. There ARE ways for you to get whatever card you are after besides the bazaar, you just have to be able to figure those other options out.