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Handsome fomori tc's don't count for spell?

Nov 26, 2009
Prof Greyrose I have heard many address this problem and I am hoping you will give me a response.I have bought the handsome fomori spell and am in the process of crafting it.I have no problem getting the reagents needed for it say for maybe amber.But my problem is this.I have farmed avalon bosses and have managed to obtain a handsome fomori tc.Of which 6 are needed to craft the actual spell.However when I look at my recipe's to assess how much more i need it still says 0/6 when I actually do have them.I have not encountered problems like this with the catalan and deer knight spells which actually do show up as counted for the spell.

This is very confusing for wizards wanting to craft this spell and I just want to know whether this is a glitch and if it is when it will be fixed.Waiting for an answer from Prof. Greyrose(hopefully)

Talon IceShade lv 79 thaumaturge

This will be remedied in our next content update to the game. We'll give you some heads up on the release of that content update as best we can.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.