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Guide to Black Lotus, Pearl, and Blood Moss!!

Aug 20, 2009

Black Lotus
First, if you haven't already, purchase Transmute Black Pearl from Toshio in Jade Palace. Next, go to Tree of Life and make sure you are alone. Once you are in, turn off friend teleports. You now have the whole instance to yourself!
You will see Hideo Kebo standing in front of a structure. If you notice, there are areas that wrap around the structure. Visit both the left and right side to find either Deep Mushroom (with a chance for Nightshade), Stone Block (with a chance for Fossil), a Wooden Chest, or BLACK LOTUS!

Next, go inside the structure and turn right. You will see a circular room with two enemies in it (Kakeda Spirit Slave, Rank 5 Fire). Occasionally, there will be some goodies in here, including BLACK LOTUS (with a rare chance for BLACK PEARL)! Stick to the walls and collect your goodies. Continue STRAIGHT and you should see another one of these circles. Do the same as you just did. Then, you should see the rear exit of the structure. Go out and it wraps around just like the front! You know what to do here. Next, reenter the structure and continue RIGHT to find 2 more of the circles with pigs in them. Collect goodies like before. After the second, continue STRAIGHT and exit the structure (you should see Hideo Kebo again). Leave through the Instance Entrance. Repeat this as desired until you get tired or have all of your BLACK LOTUS (If you find 0 Black Pearl, the Transmute recipe uses 15 Black Lotus to make 1 Black Pearl**) and/or BLACK PEARLS!

Blood Moss
First, visit Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town and purchase Transmute Blood Moss (15 Red Mandrake make 1 Blood Moss). Now, go to Nightside. When you get in, there is a graveyard to the immediate left of the Death School. The grave closest to the school (the one that's slightly further forward) has a spawn point for RED MANDRAKE (with a rare chance for BLOOD MOSS) behind it. If it is not there, look around the Death Tower, in the area near the Sunken City entrance. If it is not here either, cross the street and go on the right side of the Death School (aka go in a straight line). There is a small tree back there. To its immediate left is the final spawn point for RED MANDRAKE. There can only be ONE in the area at a time. If you find none, chances are someone beat you to it. Continue realm hopping (using "Perfect" realms) and looking in these same spots. After a while, even if you have 0 Blood Moss, Transmute all of the Red Mandrake you have**!

Hope this helps!

-Valerian DarkBringer- Grandmaster Necromancer- MASTER ARTISAN!
-Galen FrostFlame- Magus Thaumaturge- APPRENTICE CRAFTER
-Thomas DragonCaster- Initiate Theurgist- NOVICE CRAFTER

**= ALL Transmute recipes require a Card Crafting Station. Purchase one from the vendor on Krokosphinx Island, in Jade Palace, or in the Atheneum.

May 06, 2010
If I may add you can also look around all the boss huts in the tree of life because there are usually more black lotus' there. And as for blood moss you can collect mist wood and deep mushrooms in the tree of life to transmute red mandrake to transmute blood moss. But you still need those transmute recipes!

Aug 20, 2009
yes. that is a good tip and I am aware of those Black Lotus spawn points. I did not include them because these locations are near the Instance Entrance and you can farm faster. But thank you for the addition and I'm sure people will find it useful.

And yes, all crafters reading this, ANY goodies you find in Tree of Life, pick them up even if you dont need them right now. They may be of use later on...

- Valerian DarkBringer- Grandmaster Necromancer- Master Artisan
- Galen FrostFlame- Magus Thaumaturge- Adept Crafter
- Thomas DragonCaster- Initiate Crafter