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Grandmaster artisan quest?

Jan 07, 2010
Ok so I am a master artisan trying to get the grandmaster artisan badge. I went to the Pierce guy in the Floating Land to get the quest, but he didn't have one for me. I looked up the recipe for the quest and saw that I had to buy it from him, and I've read from other players that he's supposed to give it to you. But anyway he didn't have any quests for me, the only thing on his head was the vendor symbol, the one with the bag of gold. So since I quit a few years ago and have just recently come back, I have no idea if i ever did the quest or not. And if I did, I never got the badge, and I can't buy recipes that require you to be a grandmaster artisan.
So long story short, I am a master artisan, I want to be a grandmaster artisan, and I have not been offered the quest from Pierce in the Floating Land. Please help me! I would appreciate it so much. I am a legendary sorcerer, if it helps.

Mar 12, 2013
Maybe this change has something to do with it:

Crafting Updates
Pierce Stanson will no longer automatically give you the recipe for "Seal of the 7 Seas", instead you must now purchase it from him, just as you have to purchase all other quest recipes.

Jan 21, 2011
Keep trying to find the quest giver, or find out how to get Pierce to give you the quest. In the end, if you cannot seem to obtain the quest, contact KingsIsle and they will give the quest manually. (This quest isn't too hard though, let me just warn you about the Legendary quest )