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Golden pearls the new craze

Jun 13, 2009
Well, seeing that KI have taken the initiative to make sandstone and sun-stone available as drops from mobs in the science, it stands to reason that calypso and her pirates in the crab empire should also drop pearls and golden pearls.

The pirates are really tough to bet so it won't be easy. Please consider this. Black pearls and black lotus are enough of a bother as it is already

Aug 23, 2009
Golden Pearls are easy to harvest just cruising the watered areas of CL, about a fifth to a quarter of the time I get a Golden Pearl from a Pearl spawn site and with all the collected Pearls can transmute any other needed Golden Pearls easily, had enough from collecting that I had 22 Golden Pearls just from harvesting in a few days from a small amount of harvesting each day; and about 100+ Pearls for other ventures. Plus Golden Pearls can be found in Wooden and Silver Chests and can be harvested in Gardening as well. Once you find a useful area route or enemy farm routine reagents are generally easy to obtain. Not sure if we need boss drops as well, but I guess it couldn't hurt.

May 22, 2009
You can easily get pearls and golden pearls by harvesting in the Lunarium (moon temple). Within the portico area where there are no fights, you will find 2 pearls, 2 kelp, 1 shell, and 1 wooden chest that sometimes spawns a reagent. Since the area is an instance, you can easily leave and reenter to rest it. Within a short time of harvesting you will have plenty of pearls to transmute to golden pearls, and would have found a few golden pearl.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life

Jun 13, 2009
Golden pearls are NOT easy to find. i have been farming the Moon Temple and I get like 3 or 4 pearls at best but no Golden peals. i did get a Golden Pearl ONCE from a wooden chest but almost never with a pearl drop.

i had better luck at the bazaar. I hate when people act like it's all over the place because it is NOT. i have been to the grotto and you are lucky to find a pearl and 8 times out of ten it will be ONE pearl per drop.

Enough about the transmutes already. You need 15 pearls to make just one golden pearl. So basically you need 165 pearls or 11 Golden pearls for your GM crafting quest. Thankfully, people are selling their pearls at the bazaar but 3500 gold is a lot. Basically i paid 38500 gold for my golden pearls and the other ingredients are not included. Worst part is, if you decide to sell the item you craft, you will never even get half of that.

i have spent close to 250,000 Gold or more between my GM crafting and my level 55 balance gear. Yes those acquamarines cost 3500 gold too!

I didn't even realize that the lvl 55 gear have absolutely NO resist i mean seriously! Why does the lvl 55 gear have no resist? It cost a fortune and a lot of time to craft these items and yet they are basically worst than the other gear. have you seen the amulet and athame for lvl 55 craft? It is a joke, a big fat joke, I just laugh at that recipe vendor in crab empire and went about my business. No way am crafting those.

KI need to make crafted gear better. i like the boost and critical rating and critical block but not even 4 % resisit per item? seriously come on. i am a legendary wizard and basically, I have no resist whatsoever for my own school! Ridiculous!

The mobs automatically resist their own class so why don't we? I am, fire but i don't resist fire? How is that possible? A legendary balance wizard in his/her full gear crafted or otherwise the original drop gear, have absolutely NO RESIST for balance lol! This doesn't make any sense at all.

Even the star bosses and mobs that uses balance resist balance! How can they resist balance when they are NOT balance but balance doesn't resist? This title of Legendary doesn't mean much. A boss or mob of your own school can pretty much wipe the floor with you but YOU have to put up prisms to defeat them! Totally ridiculous!

i think they neither to just throw out the level 55 crafting gears because the drop gear is WAY better. yes they have less critical rating but they work just fine and have at least 8-16% resist for 3 different schools.

I think they trying to discourage crafting. the lvl 55 wands are a perfect example. They seriously need to make crafting worth our while.

others should be like"dude where you got your gear? it has awesome stats!" but no, who cares about gear with no resist? and the worst part is, the ingredients are so hard to come by. Some of them even need 12 Golden pearls! i even saw one with Golden pearls twice on the list of ingredients! A whooping total of about 15 Golden pearls lol and its for a Morganthe Athame (i think) that has less health and pip chance than the lvl 58 one lol so what if it has incoming and outgoing health boost, guess what? so does my polymorph treant.

Let's make crafting worth it.....

Peace out,

Logan Frost,

Grandmaster Artisan
for an awesome idea: https://www.wizard101.com/posts/list/25/26347.ftl

Sep 11, 2010
The Temple of the Moon / Lunarium / Portico is the best spot to look for pearls. In each of the three downstairs rooms (the caved in location with the lounge lizard does not spawn reagents), plus behind the large pile of rubble and sand, you can find a total of 5 or 6 pearl spawns, about as many kelp spawns, 3 shells spawns and 4 wooden chest spawns.

Just do a counterclockwise lap around the area, heading down each stairway in turn (counter-clockwise, because then you can easily check behind the pile of rubble near the Protectors for the pearl that might spawn there). Once you have checked in all three, you leave through the main exit, and can immediately enter again to keep hunting.