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golden pearls :evil:

Jun 12, 2009
ok so i have to craft the seal of the seven seas and it requires ELEVEN golden pearls ok this is how it gets me mad

it takes ten ore and catail to get one black lotus (ore is RARE) ok so it takes fifteen of them to get one pearl and it takes me fifteen of THOSE to get ONE, ONE golden pearl so it troubles me that it takes one hundred and fifty ores to get ONE stinkin golden pearls and eleven are required and after that i need even more golden pearls to craft that gear i want
shorten it or ban it

May 27, 2009
If you can enter the Lunarium, you can collect Pearls in the Portico area.

Nov 07, 2010
Feb 16, 2010
It's much easier to farm for regular pearls and transmute them to golden pearls than to try to gather all those other reagents. And while farming for pearls you will gather some golden ones as well. Wizard 101 Central has some good guides on spawn points for pearls and if have the quest for this now, you should have access to the Grotto, a prime location. You can buy the transmute golden pearl recipe from Kimba Kalla in the Floating Land. Good luck.

Jan 01, 2010
There is a transmute card that turns 15 pearls into a golden pearl. Just swing around the grotto and pick up pearls. Chances are you'll get golden pearls and the pearls that you get can be transformed into more golden pearls. It actually doesn't take as long as you'd think. Be sure to farm during off-peak hours on "perfect" realms. Good luck!

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
It takes between 1 and 2 hours of farming the Portico to farm enough pearls to transmute, along with the rare golden pearls you get, to create the 7 Seas.

The big shock comes when you start to craft the level 55 gear. For example, the Storm school can make/use the Stormstrife set (2ndary Death), which when added with the wand gained at level 55 gives over a 200 crit rating. But for the set it takes 29 Golden Pearls beyond the GM quest. Eventually, you just get used to farming the pearls, but it is just time, no combats, not a big deal. Other reagents, such as Sunstone, can be a bit of a drag (either wait in the bazaar for hours, or farm via combat).

Apr 30, 2010
Ore is not that rare. Just go back to Kroktopia. There is a load of them there.

Feb 25, 2010
If you go to the Lunarium and DON'T start the quests, you'll find 2 pearls, 2 kelps, 1 shell, and 1 wooden chest, plus whatever extras you may get. Just all in that first main area.