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Golden Pearl

Aug 23, 2008

I need craft a nice robe but I need 3 Golden Pearl.

Where is possible I find it in celestia? What MOBOS can drop it in fight? I really need help because these robes and others parts give nice critical and critical defense.

=) My char is lvl 56 almost 58 for great lord hehehe (Grandmaster Life).

Pips more less 97% chances, crtical like 25% hohohoho I need more!!!!

My health is not good like 2917 but is not trouble anyway with critical power in PVP is the differ.

May 27, 2009
If you can get into the Lunarium, then that's the place for you! There are two pearl spawns every time. Plus, kelp and a shell and a wooden chest. Enter, harvest, exit, change realms, repeat.

Have fun!

May 22, 2009
You can transmute pearls to golden pearls, or you can find them when harvesting pearls.

If you have access to the Lunarium that would be the place to look. The portico area is easy access to the entrance and there is no fights. Within that area, you will find 2 pearls, 2 kelp, 1 shell, and a wooden chest that sometimes gives a reagent. One run through there takes me less than five minutes. Go around the portico area then reset the instance by going back out the entrance. Then simply re-enter and repeat the process.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life