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GM Wand Crafting? I feel I wasted my reagents

Mar 26, 2009
I finished my GM crafting quest two days ago, I worked extremely hard to farm and collect reagents, spent time to craft ect. Very excited to see the new wands on Floating Land. First off their stats are lower than what the bosses drop. Two they aren't cheap to craft, and third I was very disappointed on the appearance. Its plain, dull, and has a strike of 110 (boss drop wands are 120), the critical rating is at 20 (boss drop wands are at 30). Does anyone see a problem with this? KI I really think crafted wands and staffs should be the best in the game. People spend a lot of time to make these items, and these aren't something you can easily pick up at bazaar or a boss drop. Please consider making crafted wands and staffs have better stats than what you can get from 3-4 different bosses.


May 27, 2009
Feb 14, 2010
I too feel the same way, but mine if for all the gm crafting such as robe/hat/boots as well. The amount of crafting involved should reap some awesome rewards.

May 31, 2010
Well , I have fizzle free gear now. Plus the max deck. Don't have any plans on crafting the wand. But with most of the game , people have avoided the crafted gear , because boss drop gear was better. When we were all at level 50 , I think just about everyone wore the Malistaire robe and other 50 gear.
Crafted gear seems to be different , not always better , just a boost to your second school. Think if maybe the wand could add a resistance shield, that would be awesome , since we lose all resistance when wearing the crafted gear. Would definatly be worth crafting.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for new grandmaster furniture , another castle maybe , and wasnt there some talk a while back about crafted pets?

Nov 27, 2009
I agree. I love the crafted balance staff, but why should I take time to craft it if I can can a better one with less effort by farming? Crafted items should at LEAST be as good as dropped ones, or what's the point of crafting them? Crafting is very hard and takes a lot of effort. Please make the reward worth this effort.