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Gifting Crafted items

Sep 05, 2009
Dear Spiral

This is my first time on the Message boards so sorry for any mistakes in advance
It was recently my birthday and I really wanted the Celestial Observatory house however it can only be crafted none of my P.C.s are high enough level craters however my friend owns the recipe and could craft it and when he told me you cannot gift crafted items I became really sad So I was wondering if their possibly could be a gift option on crafted items (before you already craft them) because there is no better gift than a homemade gift in the real world or the spiral

sincerely Robert Coldblood

Oct 22, 2011
I disagree with this idea (sorry).

One of the big factors of crafting is that you work hard at leveling your crafting abilities on your own. It's an accomplishment, and if certain crafted items (like the house in Celestia) are gifted, it defeats the purpose of crafting altogether.

Work on your crafting levels as your wizard reaches new worlds. Nothing is better than accomplishing a hard earned achievement.