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Getting to Initiate crafting

Jul 28, 2009
Hey, its me again. Well i think there is also a bug, i finished the marlybonian rings and daggers (for the initiate badge from the marleybonian crafter). But her question mark is gray. I know i got most of it in the bazaar, but the scrap iron in marleybone scattered, same with the stone block. But when ever i go to her to check, her question mark is always gray. She says something like, "craft those charming daggers and rings and you'll get a initiate badge," but she will never make her question mark yellow. Is this a bug, or is this normal?


Lvl 60 storm
Lvl 60 death
Lvl 39 balance

Creating the items is only half the task, you must return the items to her for inspection.
If you have sold, or deleted the items you crafted, you must either craft them again, or if you're lucky you can find them in the Bazaar - either way, you must return the crafted items to her for credit.

It's like doing your homework and not handing it in, you must prove you've crafted those items.

Jul 28, 2009
Oooh, thanks for the adivce. Next time i log on i'm sure to check if its in my bookbag.