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Gardening Tip for a better EMP Harvest

Dec 17, 2010
Hello everyone. Recently, I didn't harvest my Elder Evil Magma Peas the day they became Elder. I waited for four days, and the results were WAY better than previous ones. Each harvest gave me a rank 9 Mega Pet Snack. So here's a tip, when your Evil Magma Peas become Elder, wait a few days until you harvest them. You'll get better results.

Happy Gardening!

-Nick level 100

Nov 05, 2011
All EMPs give a rank 9 snack at their elder harvest. Waiting extra time does not improve the drops.

~Calamity PixieShade, level 100

Sep 17, 2012
EMP always give 1 rank 9 snack at elder, not matter when you harvest them. You always get :
  • 1 rank 9 snack (Captain Canteloupe, Cherry Tomato, Fancy Yogurt, Golden Wheat Bread, or Mystic Dragon Fruit)
  • 1 EMP seed
  • 1 Reagent (Black Lotus, Golden Pearl, Pearl, Sandstone, or Sunstone)
  • 1-3 Treasure Cards (Cleanse Charm, Earthquake, Feint, or Pierce)

Those never change, the only differences are which types of each you get, but every single plant will always give those rewards.