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Finding Scrap Iron

Jun 03, 2012
I have been trying to complete the "Crafting Services" quest that Felicia Worthington give you in Mareleybone. The trouble is that you must find at least 32 pieces of scrap iron. I have looked everywhere I have access to and am finding it close to impossible to find the necessary iron, so far I have come up with only 8 pieces. I don't think you can buy it anywhere? Maybe I am wrong here, but I sure am not finding it on the ground, or receiving it for completing quests etc. I am looking for any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance

May Your Magic Take You Far,

Sarai Thundergrove, lvl 31, fire wizard

Oct 22, 2011
Oh yes, crafting can be such a pain, especially when some of the reagents are difficult to find.

Marleybone is the best place to find scrap metal, however, you may want to check the Bazaar, as you can find 98% of the reagents there at any given time. Of course, it will cost you coins, but ends up being easier in the long run, rather than running all over Marleybone to find it.

Feb 24, 2009
You can buy it from the bazaar. For places where you can find scrap iron, use this link:
You can garden, buy, harvest (from the ground), and get it as a quest reward from "Powering Up"
Hope this helps!