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finding Scrap Iron

Jan 29, 2010
I can't really seem to find Scrap Iron i only have two pieces i hate to be a bother but i need some advice and the places you last SAW some Scrap iron thanks for your help.

Megan Iceheart lvl 32 Thaumaturge.

May 27, 2009
Every area of Marleybone has some scrap iron. It mostly stays near boss hideouts, or central towers. It hides in corners, behind tanks and boxes, and near wooden chests. Your best bet is to choose your favorite area, mine happens to be Newgate Prison, and find the teleporters. Hop from Blue to Yellow to Green, searching all corners and nooks and crannies in the immediate area of the teleporter. When you've done all three - SWITCH REALMS! and repeat. It actually doesn't matter whether the realm is crowded, normal or perfect, the odds are good that you will find some scrap iron in one of the transporter areas. If you do this for about half an hour, you should come up with what you need.