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Finding Reagents TO Challenging

Jun 26, 2009
Why is finding reagents such a challenge? I want to get my crafting badges to get better stuff but the reagents are to hard to find. Can someone help me by telling me reagents locations.

Sloan Windthistle

May 27, 2009
Visit some of the fansites for information on finding reagents. There are way too many to try to list here. Just be sure to change realms often as you are questing, and be sure to pick up everything you see. Even if you don't need it now, you might need it later.

May 15, 2009
there is no specific locatin for a regeant "drop"
there are only the worlds that house specific regeants and then there are the reagents that all worlds hold
an example mushrooms or mist wood.

an example of a single world reagent is scrap iron which i believe is only in marleybone?
after celestia i dont rightly know

Sep 02, 2010
I know that finding reagents is hard. I have challenges finding them myself. I have read about and thought of ways to fix this. :)

I have read about people wanting to trade reagents and pet snacks like treasure cards and i support that greatly. It will make it easier to get reagents and enable us to help each other craft. I would not care if we can trade pet snacks or not, but is a good thought and it and would be nice.

It would also help with crafting if there was a bazaar only for crafting. Have every type of regent at an infinate amount. The rare the regent the more it would cost, of course. The guy there would also have recipes from all over the spiral. And can there be more recipes for houses that are easier to craft.

Andrew ShadowBlade