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Finding ore because of diamonds

Dec 29, 2008
Where is the best place to find the most ore. I need to find it because of the crafting quest that involves diamonds.

May 02, 2009
Well I know that many places in dragonspyre (including the basilica, the ds commons) have allot of ore. If you have acess to the great spyre, then I would highly recommend looking there.

Apr 02, 2010
The Throne Room of Fire, in the Pyramid of the Sun, on Krokotopia always seems to have them around the area Krokenkahmen is found.

Since its a dungeon it can be farmed by someone before you. Also, it does not take that long to get there, just in the pyramid, up the stairs, across the aisle, stick to the wall, and either two lefts or two rights and you are there.

I keep on farming that dungeon to try go get the Fire Mander that give a 3 pip Myth card that hits 375 at baby.

You will have to beat Manu Narini before you get into the Krokenkahmen's area, but you will get some loot anyways.

What I would like to know is it Manu Narini or Krokenkahmen that drops the pet, I get different answers.

Jun 06, 2009
ruby456fire wrote:
Where is the best place to find the most ore.

The Cave of Solitude in Mooshu has several Ore sites on the rocks. The annoying part is navigating around the Angry Krakens and other storm monsters.