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Dragonspyre Crafting Table?

Jun 05, 2009
For all those wondering if it can be done. Yes it is possible to complete the crafting quest. Just a few nights ago I became the next Master Artisan!!!! :-) I do agree that it is very hard and at times a complete waste of time. Some reagent are very hard to get in the amonut needed to craft so many items. There is no good reason to complete crafting as of yet. Besides being able to craft very high lvl gear and some furniture.

That is the reason for my ? today. I have all I need to craft some boots that I want. That were my motivation to complete the quest. Now that I have. I now need the Dragonspyre Crafting Table . I need help trying to locate where and how can I obtain this table.

If I don't find this table then all is waste!!!!!! ty for any help.

Michael Legend Dust

Aug 20, 2008
Jun 25, 2009
Im not really sure what your asking about. You buy all the Craftning Tables from a Vendor back in Krocktopia over by the Tree and Balance School. If you finished the DS quest you muct have had one so Im confused about what your looking for.

May 27, 2009
Yes, in order to craft the Dragonspyre gear after achieving Master Artisan, you need to go to the large Crafting Station in Dragon's Roost. If you've battled Malistaire, you've seen it.