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Dragonspyre Crafting quest

Mar 18, 2013
I am in celestia and have no diamonds let alone having 30 is impossible for me to get any ideas on where to find them other than the bazzar ~~~~~Andrew Skycrafter

Apr 18, 2011
Jul 18, 2010
Lol I am on the same quest. Well, diamond is a rare harvest from ore, which can be found many many many places around the spiral . I usually look for ore in the haunted cave in wc or In dragonsypre. Be sure to switch to quiet realms often to increase your chances of finding ore and other reagents. So far I got only like 3 diamonds doing that forsake an hour ... That seems really good but your luck will slowly run out and you will be getting VERY bored. So I am now constantly checking the bazaar for diamons and sometimes camping there. I got most of my diamonds there that way still need more but almost there!!! Btw they cost 1000 gold each so be sure t have gold if you choose to hoard the bazaar of all the diamonds. Good luck and happy crafting!!!