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May 31, 2009
Is there anywhere that you can buy the crafting spell to make the DragonBlade? Reason i ask is that my Balance can not survive fights using the deck Blade, it is almost useless without others to back it up. The Balance from Bazaar you can purchase will help but these 2 blades alone still not enough, The DragonBlade comes with pets if it shows up during a fight, but i figure just crafting them like the Balance blade would do. Can they be crafted? The elemental and non elemental blades take pips to place, unless you survive and build large number of pips and use Justice , Hydra and Balances other spell using non elemental, are good, but in all if you use Balance spells, with a Balance wizard Blades are short.

Sep 17, 2012
No you cannot craft it. Try to get an Enchanted Armament pet, it gives up to 3 sharpen blade cards. These will stack with learned sharpen blade spells too. I can cast 6 different blades on myself without resorting to TC or item blades. You seem to be forgetting that you have Bladestorm also. Another thing, learn feint.

May 31, 2009
Thanks for input, I craft Balance cards for all my wizards, Just finished new spell for deck, Savage Paw. I am thinking of getting a death amulet and making a death out of my Balance. I am playing 2 deaths at this time together and both heal well and kill well, as far as long range life in game death takes first prize all my other wizards stumble around trying to heal and fight to.