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Jan 30, 2015
I need to transmute, buy or garden draconium. Any help on who sells the transmute recipe

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Some info on Draconium:

It is occasionally available at the Bazaar.

It is also sold by Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way.
He will require 500 Arena Tickets in exchange however.


Using the Transmute Draconium available from Torald Wayfinder in Northguard, Grizzleheim, you can transmute the reagent in exchange for 10 Orichalcum and a flawless opal.

Card Pack(s):

It is also available from the RockHammer's Jewel Pack.


Currently, most jewel plants have chances of dropping the reagent, as such, consider gardening:

Jewel Square Blossom
Jewel Circle Blossom
Jewel Tear Blossom
Jewel Triangle Blossom

All plants have chances of reseeding each other and will always re-seed it's own type upon elder.

If you're into fishing, you can try fishing in these areas in hopes of landing fishing chests:

Cyclops Lane
Ice House
Balance House
Amber Estate
Massive Fantasy Palace
Unicorn Way

Good Luck