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Dont know what to do!!!

Nov 27, 2011
Hi, i need to craft some spirit caller drums, but they are hard to craft, i'm not a good crafter, i usually just buy everything from the bazaar, i need some help, well, i need legion shields tc, thats not problem, also need perfect onyx, but it can be bought by archytas, i also need EIGHTEEN sunstone!!! nine for each spirit caller drum, you can make those for sandstone, but sandstone is made of stone blocks, and its very hard to me to get those! my next problem black pearl, i also got transmute for that, but need fifteen black lotus, and i dont like walk and walk in mooshu, and they're pretty expensive , then golden pearls, sometimes there are bunch of them in bazaar so i dont really care, now conga drums, Two conga drums for each sprit caller drum, and those need to be crafted too, ugh. Also need aether, i know you can find them in crab alley, by battles or by collecting kelp, and transmute is 15 kelp so i got no problem with those. if someone can help me i would be very glad
Richard FrostBreeze level 74

Dec 09, 2009
At your level I assume you have beat Wintertusk. If so just go to the boss Halfang Bristlecrown and keep beating him over and over for at least 30 minutes. Then go to the Bazaar and sell all of the stuff you got from his drops. This should give you lots of gold which you can use to buy the reagents you need. Still takes some time, but is better than running around farming for reagents. This is how I do pretty much all my crafting quests. I'm now a transcendent crafter.

That boss is a storm boss with like 1900 life. A couple blades and attack. Takes less then 5 minutes a battle.

Jun 27, 2013
You can also do the circuit in Stone Town for a few hours, switching realms, collecting Sandstone which sometimes harvests sunstones, and stone blocks which sometimes harvest sandstone.

There's also 3 sandstones in the Savannah, which if yo uswitch realms, you can collect a tonne of in a few hours.

My wife just spent a day and a half in only the Savannah, and crafted her Deer Knight Spell, which requires 50 Sunstones.

Hope it helps

Jun 10, 2012
Gardening is my favored way to get reagents. King Parsley and Fickle Pickles drop sunstone and aether.

Nov 27, 2011
Nice! thank you, i already crafted one spirit caller drum, just one more

Oct 26, 2012
First lets cover the first problem you have, sunstone. well I do it the easy way the bazaar of course but, if you don't want to waste gold or have the trouble of finding it, get stone blocks here are the most easy locations to reach. krokotopia the chamber of fire usually has it laying around in certain spots. then transmute it, of course duh. second problem black pearl, I have big trouble with this but after I found the spot I was so happy! This is black lotus to transmute but not much of a difference. get a friend or go to Azteca when your there go to the world door go behind it there should be a big platform there go on left or rite I forgot which way, anyways go to the platforms side not the wall but the platform there is black lotus there realm hop for more. the drums sorry have no idea what your talking about but I think they are in the bazaar lol. if any of this is wrong or spelled incorrectly I am sorry about that but I am not a very good speller XD.

Mar 07, 2013
I am also going to craft spirit caller drums. I went to Zafaria and the person I got the quest from did not have the recipe. Where did you get the recipe? Thanks.