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dont know how?

Jun 26, 2009
maybe i'm dumb, but i don't even know HOW to craft?

i have a quest to make 2 athames (the first i've gotten lol) and i'm confused!

is this a dumb post?

Mar 18, 2009
letta wrote:
maybe i'm dumb, but i don't even know HOW to craft?

i have a quest to make 2 athames (the first i've gotten lol) and i'm confused!

is this a dumb post?

See if this link helps you out:


Jul 19, 2009
No question is a dumb question. First off you will need to either buy a basic crafting station or use one you have already. In your menues there is a crafting tab. find the the Anthams you need to craft and it will show you what all componets you will need. That early on they should be able to be baught from the bazaar but if not you will need to hunt them down. Once you have everything you need just press X on your crafting station the click craft on the item you need to make.

May 13, 2010
Letta, In my opinion there are no dumb posts. The crafting can be fairly confusing if you are unfamiliar with the game what you will need to do is go into your book and go to the crafting tab(press j on keyboard to shortcut straight to it) then you will need to find the recipe for the item you wish to craft. Usually (until higher crafting quests) you will have to buy the recipe from the person who gave you the crafting quest to begin with. Once you have the recipe you will see a list of items at the bottom left of the page with numbers next to them. These are the items you will need and how many of each you need. Once you have all the items required you will need a basic crafting table(for now) to craft the item. The basic crafting table is made for you by the crafting women in olde town and is used by placing it in your home or dorm and then walking up to it. Once you press the x a screen will appear showing all your recipes find the one you wish to craft check down at the bottom left corner to see that you have all the reagents you will need and then if you have them there is a button just below them that says create. You will find that if the reagents you require are missing the button is greyed out if you have all you need to craft it it will be lit and you can simply press it and poof you have the needed item. If you are needing to craft more than one of an item you will need double the amount of required reagents and later on you will also need other types of crafting tables. These other crafting tables can be found in krok. There is a salamander next to the pet shop by the krockosphinx that can sell you all the crafting tables you will need down the road. Oh! i almost forgot you can only craft as many items as you have crafting slots so if you are trying to create something and the button is greyed out but, you have alll the needed reagents then you should see a timer in the slot above the required reagents once the timer reaches 0 you will be able to craft more items. Just alittle piece of advice if you plan to do all the crafting quests pick up any and all reagents that you find and when you get to mooshu and are soon heading to dragonspyre buy the crimson bookstand/bookshelf recipe from the goat by the waterfall/wheel.

Hope this is not to complicated a reply and that it helps GOOD LUCK.