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Dirks Of Daring Crafting

Mar 26, 2011
Why can't I turn in my crafting quest for dirks of daring? I crafted them both and have the Talk to Toshio part of the quest in my quests but when i go to talk to him the ? mark is in gray yet and I can't turn in the quest.

Just like all the previous crafting quests, you must have the items in your backpack in order to complete the quest.

Make sure all the items that they requested you craft are
a) successfully crafted on that character
b) in the backpack of that character

Then, and only then, will you get credit for the quest.

Dec 20, 2009
I have been on lvl 9 for a while now and do not seem to be moving at all. I have not had an exp. point since I got very close to the end of lvl 9.
There are no red left and I still have not made it plz help and let me know what i am doing wrong!!