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Difficulty versus reward for crafting

Jun 28, 2014
Before anyone says this is already posted let me point out that I am already aware. The thread of this conversation is different and it is my hope that someone from KI will weigh in with new information.

I am a long time gamer with an MMO resume stretching back to the days of Ultima Online - those of my generation and vintage will remember that little gem. Through various games that employ a crafting mechanic for their game there has existed one constant: The value of the gear is directly proportional to the difficulty required to craft. There is one instance of this I see in the game with respect to the robe, helm, athame, and ring recipes in Grizzleheim, excluding shoes, and the wand and shoe recipes in Celestia. For those who've crafted those recipes they are already familiar with the extreme reagent requirements and the amazing return. The gear is on par, if not better in some situations, than what is achieved in instances such as the Waterworks and Atlantea.

My surprise is that the gear has a level requirement of 58 and will last into early 70, however there is virtually nothing of comparable return at level 65-80 that will last you to 100 that I am aware of. Given KI has now introduced fishing, which is used for some crafting, to compliment gardening is there any plans to patch in new recipes or tweak existing recipes to give returns on the difficulty to craft?