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Mar 28, 2018
Aug 03, 2014
You can transmute diamond from 15 ore per diamond. It requires a card crafting table.

The recipe costs 200 gold and can be purchased from:

Avery Templeton (Celestia Base Camp)
Carcinos (Crustacean Empire)
Felicia Worthington (Marleybone, Regent's Square)
Kimba Kalla (Celestia Floating Land ~ Water-mole Village)

If you don't have a card crafting table yet you can buy one from the bazaar if they have any in stock or direct from vendors for 1500 gold. the following vendors have it:

Ea'rik (Krokotopia Krokosphinx)
Nessa Lightblade (Dragonspyre Furniture and Castle Shop)
Neville Cobblestone (Marleybone Real Estate & Fine Furnishings)
Zhi Lan (MooShu Furniture and Castle Shop)

Good luck :)

Jan 18, 2010
You can also garden for the reagent.

Try these plants:

  • Deadly Helephant Ears
  • Fickle Pickle
  • Frozen Fly Trap
  • King Parsley
  • Burning Snap Dragon

Harvesting Ore has a chance as well of yielding the reagent.
Popular areas include:

  • Dragonspyre - Tower Archives, Plaza of Conquests, The Anthenum
  • Grizzleheim - Wintertusk; Particularly in Vestrilund
  • Krokotopia - Royal Hall, Altar of Kings, Chamber of Fire
  • Mooshu - Cave of Solitude.

Good Luck!

Jul 12, 2016
the answer is yes! you can transmute diamonds with a transmute diamond recipe that you can buy from Felicia Worthington in regent's square in marleybone for 200 pieces of gold, using this recipe will require a card crafting station and an apprentice crafter's badge; you can buy a card crafting station from Ea'rik in the krokosphinx in krokotopia for 1,500 pieces of gold. and using the recipe to create a diamond will require 15 ores; ores can be scavenged up from the cave of solitude in mooshu (the part of it where a ton of bridges connect a ton of pillars). I hope this information was helpful, have fun

Jun 02, 2017
I also have gotten heaps of diamonds from feeding jewels to my pets! Try that if you have heaps of unneeded jewels.