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Dazed and Confused over crafting.

Jan 23, 2009

I originally hated the idea of crafting when it appeared. It seemed to be a gigantic waste of time considering the slot cool off times. But recently I have been decorating my castle. And as the recipes get more expensive (not really unexpected news) they also became school sensitive.

I am currently trying to craft a fish tank, I have all the regents and used tranforms to make the rest. One small problem, it REQUIRES a helephant.

Now since the update to celestia you can not use enhanced cards to fill the needs of crafting. This has to be an unforseen problem that no one in KI can fix easily, as it is a problem for everyone who is NOT a Fire wizard.

Now I know I can train a fire wizard to craft a helephant by way of China (and this does not apply to members who may live in or near china, smile). Seriously I would have to first craft enough phoenix(s) to make 6 helephants. Now while this is a tedious process in and of itself, it is only achievable by a fire wizard as no one else can craft outside of thier school of major studies.

Come on, lets be honest, there is no way I can craft this thing without begging others to help me. Which is a lot on their part as i am using their time slots and regeants. The other choice is to troll the bazaar and pray you are fast enough to nab one as you see it. Can we say; Frastrating?

I am not really complaining about the work, it is what it is, I am simply stating or possibly restating a point, you either have to let us have access to all the school crafting spells - which would totally defeat the purpose of your "no trading enhanced cards between schools" policy - or you can simply allow crafting to except enchanted cards and not just the cards in the recipes which require you to craft or purchase it or you can simply add the spells that are in recipes to the card vendors placing a level requirement like you do with gigantic, which you can not buy until you lvl58.

Its a nice touch and a very mild way to enforce your balance, even if they are dropped occasionally by mobs and bosses alike. The point is selling them at with those conditions allow you to control without being controling.

Can you address this please. I know my attempt at levity (even with horrid spelling errors) may seem a bit snarky but nonetheless the issue needs consideration immediately if at all possible.

Jan 24, 2010
I craft off school cards with my other wizards and then ask a trusted friend to trade them back to the wizard who needs them.

It's only a tiny, tiny bit of help.

May 27, 2009
We were NEVER able to use enchanted cards in Crafting, Celestia had no effect on that.

Helephants are available as drops from some bosses, or from gardening with certain flowers. I happen to have wizards who are Master Artisans from each school, so I didn't really have any problem with crafting the aquarium. Friends who craft will certainly understand your need for cards and good friends wouldn't begrudge the few minutes of cooldown for crafting cards. Provide them with sunbirds and meteor strikes in repayment.

Sounds like you just "hit the wall" with this one. Keep trying and you'll get there.