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Crown and Crafting Ideas For Housing

Jul 30, 2009
I've ran into the most amazing thing since housing decoration...I've just about maxed out the inside housing allotment for decorating in the one of the school-themed houses. I've got 3 rooms done out of 7, and there's no way I'll be able to finish decorating.

Not to mention, I keep running into the same issue of not enough diversity in choices for tiling, wallpapering, and furniture selection between my 3 homes. To say that I pretty much own all the available furniture that can be bought or crafted is an understatement.

So I got to thinking about how could this be fixed? Cause I'm sure I'm not the only player who's has this problem when it comes to wanting to decorate their homes and make them 'unique' from one another or simply got the space but used up their item allotments inside or out.

So here's my ideas. Heads up...I'm suggesting ideas that can be obtained through only crown purchases or crafting.

The crown idea is because to accomplish this, that means it'll take up more server space for KI, and buy purchasing it flatout, this helps KI maintain the increase of useage.

The crafting ideas so as to help keep the items made more 'unique'. There should be a bit of effort into getting the items I'm suggesting, just to keep having them more 'unusual'.

1. Purchasing inside or outside item count increase for crowns. This means, if your house has 100 outside, for the purchase of crowns you can increase that number by a set allotment. "My" recommendations for how much goes as such:

1000 crowns buys 25 count increase to either inside or outside.
1750 crowns buys 50 count increase to either inside or outside.
2400 crowns buys 75 count increase to either inside or outside.
3000 crowns buys 100 count increase to either inside or outside.

2. Purchasing tiling/wallpapering changes outside for crowns. I'm not one of them, but I've read on occassion players complaining about how this or that house has no yard, and they'd like to plant grass or even change the color of their homes. So, why not charge crowns to those players wanting such drastic changes to their property's/home's appearance. My suggested retail for such a big change? 10,000 crowns.

If you're wanting both inside and outside, perhaps a bundle package that can be split up to what amount goes inside and what amount goes outside.

3. I'm including a crown recommendation made awhile back by another member, and got buried in the idea forums...Expanding one's property to make it bigger.

BUT there should be a limit to how big you can make it, depending on the house type. Sorry, but the smaller homes of each world shouldn't be allowed, in my opinion, to outsize their 'grander' castle homes that are available. And the grand castles of each world shouldn't be allowed to become their own mini-cities.

3a. Warn you now though as well...Doing such shouldn't be cheap. Otherwise the server will be dragged down by people enlarging their properties. I suggest as a crown price, starting at 8,000 crowns for the smaller homes, 10,000 for the larger homes, and 15,000 for the school house themed homes.

3b. Adding outside features to one's home such as caves, waterfalls, or dungeons for crowns. Again, not something that should be easily attainable. The price should vary on the complexity/size of the feature being added as well.

4. Crafting tiling and wallpaper. I've seen some incrediable wallpapering and tiling in other worlds, that simply aren't available in the shops. The tiling and walls in Hilgrade Warren, Winterdeep Warren, and Hall of Valor specifically. There's also some great designing in Mooshu, Dragonsphyre, etc. that would be nice seen brought into the homes as choices to decorate.

*Also, perhaps even some of the current tile/wallpaper designs available but in different colors.

5. More furniture crafting options. I'd like to see this particular items available for crafting:

Jade Palace Throne
Marleybone Store counters (we have a similar counter, but it's minus the 'door' that are in MB)
New Counters that are reversed from the ones available, or even just long and straight.
Couches other then the Royal Sette or Sette
Variety of sitting chairs other then the jade and tori backed chairs
Rocking chair
How about chairs that match the beds crafted in Dragon's Sphyre?
DS throne? Doesn't exsist yet, but would be nice if it could be crafted

*Also perhaps even some of the available furniture, but in different colors.

6. More housing crafting options. My suggestions:

Counter clocks. We have 2 hanging clocks and Big Ben. But what about bedside/end table clocks?
Crystal glasses
Porceline plates
Flower table settings/Flowers in crystal vases
MORE food items such as pies, hams, roasts, veggie plates/bowls, etc.

7. More outside crafting items. My suggestions:
Weeping Willow (like the ones in Mooshu)
Unbricked pond
Flat grass instead of just the grassy mound
'Game' Pads-not active, purely visual appeal
GH Air Ship
Krokatopia Air Ship

8. I had a couple of items "*"...The reason for this being, that the idea of creating a way to 'dye' the current items available, could also be incorporated as a crown purchase deal.

Much like the current ability to 'stitch' clothing styles onto your current gear, that the furniture could be dyed in a special area on the Crown Shop or by Gloria for a crown price. You could even 'match' it to your wallpaper, where the wallpaper design is 'stitched' onto the furniture item.

Anyways, feel free to flame away. I'm sure that those that aren't big on the crown costs already in the game, aren't going to be too pleased with my crown suggestions. As well as those that aren't too ethusiastic with crafting, will be equally upset.

But I for one would be tickled pink if KI read this and incorporated some, if not most of what I've suggested.