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Crimson Bookshelves - Here's Where

Jun 03, 2012
For anyone working on the quest given by Baltazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre "Iron Craft Dragonspyre" and needs the recipe to craft the Crimson Bookshelves -

You can find the recipe from the recipe giver in Mooshu's Jade Place Market Place. His name is "Toshio" he is an "adept crafter". He is asmall lamband is standing next to "Yuji Hamata"the regent vendor - they are on the porch on the left as you are headed to Hametsu Village. :D

(You will need the Housing Craft Table - you will find it with furniture vendors furniture vendor in Dragonspyre. It is also available by furniture vendors in Krokosphinx, Marleybone, and Mooshu.)

Sarai Thundergrove, Master Pyromancer