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Crafting woe's

Aug 26, 2010
I have read and did everything i can find to solve my problem. I am sure the way my luck is it is something simple i have over look'd. But i'm trying to craft the two knives for the nice lady and her quest. You know the first craft quest. Ive got the table she gave me and put it in my dorm.I have more reagents than i need to make the 2 daggers of absolution but it wont let me make them. I've tried picking the table up and setting it down. Ive tried moving it. And still it says i dont have all the ingedients to make the daggers. I'm tring hard to be patient and read, but i cant find anymore info than what is posted here on this game.Can i please get some help I'm pretty fustraited with it and I've tried every other venue of input on the topic i can find and still cant seem to get those dagger's made.