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Crafting Woes

Jun 07, 2010
I don't get it.. I tried the crafting out, just like I always do in every MMORPG and the crafting in Wizard 101? Well, to me it just does not seem finished, by the developers.

What I see are these problems:

A. The spell cards that can be crafted are only allow for what ever your main School is. Which in a way seems pointless because you learn the spells for free from your school. Why can't we be able to craft cards from other schools?

B. Crafting your own gear? We all love doing this, but the gear that we can make does not compare to Crown Shop gear, not even close. If we can obtain better gear through Crown Shop. Why bother making it.

Crafting in Wizard 101 could of had a lot of potential. I think it is only good for a few gold by selling Mats in the Bazzar

It needs Improvement, and any one have Ideas of improving crafting in Wizard 101. Please post your ideas, and maybe, just maybe KI will make changes to crafting in Wizard 101.

Jul 04, 2009
A) Because crafted cards (as oppose to enchanted cards) can be traded with other wizards. Crafted cards can also be put in your sideboard to use in those times the deck dealer doesn't give you that card in a reasonable time.

B) Because Crown items cost Crowns, which is real money. Crafting items doesn't cost you one cent.