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Crafting Wintertusk gear

May 19, 2012
Whoever said you only have to level one crafter to make gear for all your characters was wrong.

I just crafted the Wintertusk gear for my Balance and Storm wizards on my Storm Wizard. I ran into a problem though with trying to find Hydra tc's to use to craft my Balance wizard's set. Can't find the tc's on the bazaar and don't know anywhere you can purchase those tc's (they don't sell them in Celestia), so the only way my Storm could craft the Wintertusk gear for my Balance was to level up crafting on my Balance through Mooshu crafting quest.

You may not have to level their crafting up all the way, but you gotta level their crafting up quite a bit anyways. Kind of annoying when the recipes to complete the quests require such high quantities of materials to craft them.

KI really needs to make the tc recipe cards learnable by any school, and not just limit each school's tc recipes to that particular school. If this was the case, then the statement that you only have to level up crafting on one character would actually ring true.

Feb 24, 2009
I agree.. I had to get a life up to adept crafter just to craft centaur treasures... It is annoying, especially since it is a girl and I want to delete that wizard and make it a guy now.

Jul 03, 2010
I have crafted the Wintertusk gear for my Life, Death, Myth and Storm with my Life wizard.

I have a Storm Friend that is making the Life robe, she already made the helmet, for her Life wizard and I am going to make the Centaur treasures for her again.

I will keep a look out for how to get the Hydra now since I have a level 45 balance that will need the gear soon. I do usually do the craft quests in the early worlds as they don't seem to be as stressful thru Dragon Sprye so I may be ok there I will just switch the card table to her for making them.

I will be making Fire and Ice on another account - again with a Life wizard.

Sep 10, 2011
fiziali wrote:
Whoever said you only have to level one crafter to make gear for all your characters was wrong.

actually this is still true. I ran into the same problem as you are but it was on my life wizard crafting for one of my other wizards (can't remember). The TC card can't be crafted by her or transmuted.

What i did was trade for the TC card that i needed and then snipe a few pieces off the bazaar. I have good friends who helped me and even traded them for free. And then luck came when i bought some of it after refreshing so many times at the bazaar.

I do have three legendary artisans now because of the knight spells I wanted for my Ice and Death mage to craft on their own.

R. Lionhand
F. Stardust
J. Winterbane

Feb 12, 2011
This is where gardening can come in handy. I had the same issue when my Ice (my only legendary crafter) was working on gear for one of my other chars. I needed some TC (can't remember which, now) but I discovered it was only dropped from plants.
In the case of Hydra, I know that the Maelstrom Snap Dragons do drop them - and I know I sell mine, so I would say keep checking the bazaar as well. I know I see them there once in a while.

May 19, 2012
Thanks for replies, everyone. I actually ended up leveling my balance wizard's crafting skills and made the cards. It was just easier that way (not enough people posting the cards on the bazaar to make it worth standing there refreshing the bazaar every few seconds in 'hopes' that I would manage to snag one).

Maybe if KI didn't ask for a zillion and one things to make one item, you might actually see people craft these things to sell on the bazaar. No biggie though, I love crafting, just found the statement that you only need one crafter in order to craft the gear for all your wizards to be misleading.

I would love to level crafting on all my wizards, but for the amount of materials needed just to get through the crafting quests, and needing those same materials to craft the items I want to craft...well, I love crafting but I'm not a big fan of 'farming' for items, so this is a real deterrent to crafting for me in Wizard101.

Considering how many of the same item you need to craft a single item, the cap of 999 in the bank is actually quite ridiculously low. Just to make the sunstone for my WT gear, I needed over 1000 stone block, and that was with me actually harvesting some sandstone and sunstone. That means even if I had 999 stone block in my bank it still wouldn't have been enough. Multiply this times six wizards...mind boggling, to say the least. :/

Mar 25, 2009
I made all the wintertusk gear on my one wizard, but I also had all my wizards making reagents with Malestrom Dragons, Silver Trumpet Vines, etc. Because I had so many TC cards from all schools and reagents from gardening and questing, it was pretty quick crafting. For Storm it is essential. The gear is better than the WW gear and also gives you an extra blade, trap and halo (darkwind). This is a must in Avalon to deliver the big hits. Having the least Health, Storm needs every boost it can get to its hits. You do lose a bit of your defense but I always depend on shields for that. However, the wintertusk gear will give Storm higher health, Critical, Block, Damage, Accuracy, and okay defense. It is good for the other schools if you are level 56-59 or if you don't have some of the WW gear. 8)

Dec 11, 2011