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Crafting Tips

May 01, 2010
so i was thinking, to help the people new to crafting, i could gather up some tips
i am looking for tips from anyone and everyone. to start us off here are some.

1. this is probably the most important, but
no reagent is worthless- you need to save almost every reagent you get because you might need them down the road dont sell them caus you think you will never need them, and only sell them if you need gold

2. be prepared - this ties into with 1 but collect everything you can find, you might need them

3. be smart, when you first get a recipie, dont run to the bazaar and buy everything, find out what you have, what you need, where you can get them, and then go.

4. be patient- you shouldnt take everything on at once, take little bites instead of big ones

5.ask for help- you dont need to to it all by yourself, ask friends to help (i.e. one goes to different realm and tell you to port when she/he got something)

6. when in doubt, switch realms- nothing says you have to find everything in one realm so switch realms and see if there are more

this is all i got so far, if anyone wants to add, plz do