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Crafting Timers and Updating Ideas

Jun 22, 2013
I've have for the longest time wondered why have the crafting timers, One of the main things that I like to do in any MMO is Craft.

Gathering Ingredients (Reagents), finding the item that I want to wear / sell and then what I believe to be the most boring thing ever in any game is (Hitting the Craft Button). I would love to see the Timer go away and use a Wizards energy instead.

I also believe that crafting is in need of an update to make it a little more interactive. I love the gathering of reagents and having the vendors though out all the worlds is a plus... But making the items seems a little boring.

A few ideas I have to spice it up a little would be -
  • One universal crafting station (my housing space is important to me)
  • Seeing a 30sec to 5 minutes crafting animation based on different items would make me believe that I did indeed make it.
  • A Reagent Log/Book that keeps information on where to find them and what items I have already crafted. (current format takes to long to go through)
  • As you level in Crafting, Fishing, Pet Training and Gardening your energy also grows. (Not a lot but does increase and more people would do it)
  • Crafted Pets would be a new why to get players to try that haven't. (Clockworks or Kites, etc...)

I could go on all day with ideas or run out of space, but I just wanna say that I love whats here but want more.

Looking forward to seeing feedback on how others feel and to see what the Admin/Devs think.
Thanks for your Time.

Mar 27, 2014
I see where your coming from with the crafting timers, the crafting timers are the end of me, and the energy idea is really nice too, another use for energy, as there aren't MANY as some other things, (Fishing, Gardening, Training pets, and most likely more in the future). As for the ideas, love them too, The universal crafting station for me isnt really a problem as I had put all my crafting stations in my Dorm, The animation idea I think is really good! the log book for me personally ism't really a problem for where i got the spell but the reagent log book is an AMAZE idea. The level in crafting and energy type of deal is really good too opposed to one energy per level and spending crowns on energy gear.

Crafted pets, I have thought about this since I saw the start of crafting, (around 2013 on my balance when an Ice friend told me about it and how good it was and how i should start it [of course i did, and i had some complications but now i'm Promethean crafter and an Exalted ] I thought about the crafting pets idea and I said well you cant craft a dragon then I said to myself, what about mechanical stuff and that idea stuck with me ever since.

Half the time I am going around and saying well why do i have this restriction? I'm a wizard i should just like attack it with something or ride straight through it and/or teleport through it.

Another idea that came to me while typing this, was why doesn't our mount do anything and help us (other than go faster), i think it would be a great idea to do something that only a person with a mount could do or something because I have about 3 and 2 are no use to me kinda (i'm with a hydra, arcus cloud, and nightrider) other than i just got them

and something like judgements lore pack would be awesome!

Over all I love these ideas, hope w101 takes all [or some] into consideration and uses them, the one i really think they should do is the crafting animation one, sounds like such a good idea

-Thanks Ted!