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Crafting Table Troubles

Oct 15, 2010
A lot of people seem to encountering the problem "You can't craft that here!" To fix this, you need to purchase new crafting stations. These are available in almost every housing shop.

Press "J" or open your crafting page in your spellbook. Check the recipe you're trying to craft. Next to the required reagents is a symbol. It tells you which crafting station you need to craft it.

Card symbol= Card Crafting Station
Backpack= Equipment Crafting Station
Vial= Basic Crafting Station
Bed= Housing Crafting Station
Grizzleheim= Grizzleheim Crafting Station (in Hall of the Ice Forge)
Dragonspyre= Dragonspyre Crafting Station (In Dragon's Roost)

Also, do not purchase the Dragonspyre "jewelry crafting table" as it is just a decoration. Thank you fiziali for reminding me!

May 19, 2012
I think this needs to be stickied, as I see sooo many posts where people are having trouble with their crafting tables, and more often than not it's just that they don't realize they need to use a specialized crafting table. I've seen numerous posts where they actually tried to use the jewelry crafting station which is just a house decoration. :)