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crafting table

Mar 21, 2010
Hi I have done the quest to get the table and given the lady the wood, but I have no table? The table should be in my back pack but its not can anyone help me? Many thanks :?

Mar 03, 2009
maybe in your bank? either there or i dont know or maybe its in your house or dorm? or it might be in the attic or some place in your house cause i dont know how that can happen

Aug 18, 2009
i hope you enjoy crafting like me. what you need a crafting desk!

okay first get to the olde town area. then find ms. tangletree and get her quest. all you do is buy two mist wood. you can trust bizaar. they always have at least 20 in stock. ms tangletree will make you the table port to your dorm or castle and place the basic craft table in a choosen spot. ms tangletree will ask you to craft two daggers of absolution you can buy the recipe from her. she will not let you keep what you made after the quest.

jonathan ice runner lvl 16 crafter of ice.
see ya! :D ps i am