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Crafting station situation

Jun 11, 2010
In my house I have a basic crafting station. I dont use it a lot but when I do it really annoys me that you have to let it cool off for an hour everytime you use it. Post your comments or ideas to help me get a better understanding of this.

- Joshua Dragonbreeze lvl 37 pyromancer

May 27, 2009
No everything has an hour cooldown - you must be making a higher level snack. Treasure Cards have cool downs anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Lower level snacks have shorter cooldowns. Gear and Housing items have longer cooldowns the more complicated they are. It's all part of crafting. Once you reach Mooshu level, you'll need to start buying the other crafting stations: Card Crafting Station (for higher level cards and Transmutes), Equipment Crafting Station (for higher level gear), and the Housing Crafting Station (housing items). There are also the Dragonspyre Crafting Station and the Grizzleheim Crafting Station (for Master Artisan level stuff).

Not everyone likes crafting enough to continue through Master Artisan - many stop when they reach a level where they can craft a particular Treasure Card or Housing Item. If you don't care for an hour long cooldown, you may not want to craft Master Artisan level stuff - cool down is more like 24 hours.