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Crafting spells

Feb 06, 2013
I am a warlord

My was Level 62 Before Khrysalis part 2 came, My balance was able to craft any spell since i have 2 other Max levels and to get the reagents from. My is Level 100 now but now i regret leveling him because Loremaster is now craftable, and it would of been really if my was 62 because i am no good at Exalted pvp .-. he currently has the rank of 1599, not gonna use him to PvP anymore.

but now to the real story, i have a grandmaster now, I do grandmaster pvp on him now ( 50-59) but its best if people who do grandmaster to only go to 50-55. And my can do a lot better at PvP with Winter Moon. farming loremaster takes too long, i would craft it because i can craft spells without a problem but My ice cannot go over level 50, he is doing just fine at that level. i dont get why we have to actually quest in zafaria to craft in zafaria because in order to craft spells you need to finish the zafaria crafting quest. and in order to do that quest you have to start questing in that world. i am tired of this. are other people having these problems? why cant w101 just let us craft what we want