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Crafting Profits +

Oct 07, 2008
any idea's on how to make a profit from crafting even by buying the recipes.
or would you need to find the items to make that profit

because i try my best at crafting, and i think the recipes are more dearer than the acctual equipment its self, so if theres any pages of guidence it would be much appreciated or even a couple of rough idea's, bearing in mind, if there's a profit from buying recipes, if so whats that average price of them materials.

May 27, 2009
Absolutely no recipe you craft will be profitable if you buy any harvestable reagents. You only need to buy the recipe one time, but then you can make a bunch of whatever it is. The Stack of Wood recipe is profitable because you can sell them at the Bazaar, and people need them for the Watchtower Hall. So far as I know, there is no one list of profitable stuff to craft. You can check the fan sites for info like that, though.