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Crafting problems and solutions

Feb 14, 2009
As we know each and every day there are more and more crafters. This is a problem for collectiong scrap iron, but that can be solved by going in dungeons. The worse part is the crafting quests for Mooshu and Dragonspyre. All of the crafting quests for those worlds except 1 requires black lotus and/or black pearls. It is getting harder and harder to find them with new additional crafters each day.

To fix this problems I think we should fix the dragonspyre quests so that the recipies requires Lava Lilys and Fire Blossoms. This will decrease some of the reagent congestant

Aug 23, 2009
I agree, the advance in crafting in each world should be tied to the world you are working in, as seen in MB & Scrap Iron, MS & Black Lotus & Black Pearl, DS should be Lava Lily and Fire Blossom, it would help make the quest specific to the world. Instead of going back and forth between worlds, bazaar or over crafting of reagents.

May 27, 2009